8 Tips for Planning Your Summer Vacation

Even if summer is months away, an early planning will make your summer vacation better due to many reasons. First of all, a timely planning will help you get the best prices, the best spot on your dream destination, help you manage your budget better, and overall, help you have a great time. On Booking.com, you can check out a large variety of vacation possibilities, see if the desired period is available and other details that will help you make the best choice. Besides that, here are 8 great tips you can use to make sure that this year’s summer vacation will be a total success.

1. Everybody in the Family Should Be Involved in the Vacation Planning

If you are going to travel with your spouse, or children if you have them, you should start your planning by having a general family meeting. You can’t expect for your summer vacation to be perfect if you are going to choose the destination on your own. So sit down, have some tea, coffee or hot chocolate, and start sharing opinions and impressions. Each family member should have to say something, and you should do some brainstorming when it comes to picking the best destination for your summer vacation. This way, you will make sure that everybody will get what he or she will want.


2. Avoid High Peak Periods

In case you wish to avoid resorts that are swarming with people, chose to enjoy your vacation out of the high peak period. Each resort has some months around the year when they are more relaxed. If you want to visit a tropical destination, you can do it at the beginning of the autumn or early summer as the temperatures will still be pleasant. Keep in mind that usually starting with mid-July and the entire month of August, everybody leaves for their summer vacation, so it is going to be crowded and the prices higher.

3. The Ski Slopes May Be an Excellent Option for This Summer

Believe it or not, most ski resorts offer a wide variety of activities for tourists that chose to spend their summer up in the mountains. It may be a great option if you are not the type that enjoys sweating on some hot tropical island. The weather up in the mountains is great in the summer, being pleasantly warm and not humid, as you may find in other parts. Also, you will be able to enjoy hiking, sight-seeing, mountain biking and other fun activities.


4. If You Never Visited Europe, It May Be the Time to Do It

Europe is a fascinating continent, filled with rich history, cultural vestiges and fantastic places to visit. Also, it is very affordable, especially from someone coming from the United States. The prices are mostly in euros here, but you will be surprised to see that they are rather accessible. You will find here touristic objective for all tastes and preferences, accompanied by great accommodation and delicious food.


5. Check the Airbnb Offers

This is another way to save money and live a local experience wherever you may be traveling to. Of course, if you are looking to get accommodation that offers activities for children, the Airbnb solution may not be the greatest. Still, it forced some hotels to start offering exceptional children programs in the accommodation prices, to attract people that used to opt for Airbnb. So according to your case, children or without children, make a comparison between these two and see what suits you best.

6. Last Minute Decisions Can Sometimes Be an Advantage

If you like to live on the edge, you may take the risk and make your summer vacation booking in the last minute. The prices can be incredibly low for the last tickets on an airplane or even on a cruise ship, out of the desire to sell the remaining free seats. There is the chance that this plan won’t always work, but if you like to be spontaneous, there is also a high chance to catch a great trip for a small price.


7. Spend Your Money Wisely

It is true that spending wisely, meaning not throwing money out the window, will allow you to stay longer in your summer vacation. But do have in mind that the worst thing that can happen, besides not having a vacation, is to have a bad one. So do consider quality when you make your choices. Stretch your budget on the things that really matter, like outstanding accommodation and renting an excellent vehicle, and spend less on the things that don’t count that much, like another towel, a pair of slippers, or other small objects that are not so important.

8. A Summer Road Trip Can Be Fun and Stylish

For the people that wish to take the most out of their summer vacation, a road trip may be excellent. You are always on the move and get the chance to see a great variety of objectives. If your car is too small for such an adventure, you can consider renting one. To your surprise, you can find excellent rates for renting a larger car or even an RV if you don’t want to be conditioned by finding accommodation on your route. So do explore all your options and start making an itinerary for an unforgettable road trip.


So a bit of planning ahead is always healthy when it comes to your summer vacation because you will have enough time to think about the way you want to spend it. As you can see, there are so many options from where you can choose, all you need is time to figure it out.

Also, if you are traveling with someone, which is not a part of the family yet, make sure that person is compatible with you and pick the way you are going to spend your vacation together, because what should be a fun experience can turn into a disaster.

If you are going to start checking the offers for this summer, you may be thankful later for discovering something you didn’t know about, having the chance to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.


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