10 Ways to Reduce Your Utility Bills

Well, you don’t have to live in the dark or sacrifice things just for you to reduce your utility bills. There’s some things that you can do to help yourself out. As a matter of fact, these are the simplest things that you can do for yourself. After all, you’re on your own here:

  1. Add insulation to your attic – the heat of your home escapes through your attic. So, giving it enough insulation would be ideal for you to keep it from getting torn out. The insulation of fiberglass is totally cheap and they are easy to install. You don’t need a degree to do it. As a matter of fact, there are do-it-yourself guides you can consider in this matter.
  1. Weather stripping application – installing this material is freaky easy, and it will surely make a huge difference in keeping out your drafts. What makes this a good way to reduce your utility bills is that, it could help you keep the rain out, preventing any possible inside air from escaping.
  1. Insulate your outlets – this is a small project, but many people tend to overlook it. Keep in mind that switches and outlets are sources of air leaks. However, outlets and the light switches need to have the additional insulation.
  1. Programmable Thermostat installation – an estimation from USDE says that you’ll be able to save about 10% off of your utility bill. The only thing is that, this involves work of switch plate insulation, yet it’s not that difficult. Thermostats come with different detailed instructions and you need to follow them well.
  1. Low Flow shower head installation – people shower their heads and getting rid of abut 4 to 5 gallons every minute. The good thing is that, a low-flow shower head can put out about 1.5 gallons and you’ll still get the forceful showers. The low flow shower heads are only charging $10 to $200 and more. Installing them is totally easy, so get them and conserve your water, while still saving and reducing your utility bills.
  1. Water heater insulation – insulating hot water heater jackets can actually prevent the standby heat loss for about 30%.
  1. Cold wash – this means that you should wash your clothes in cold water. Remember that 99% of your energy only goes the heat of the water. Cold water can help you wash your clothes fast and easy, thus saving you more money.
  1. Pack your dishwasher – when you are using the dishwasher, make sure that they are loaded. If you also want to save more, then you should eat manual dry hair and let the dishes to dry.
  1. Do the hand-washing – pans, pots and other dishes, eat the space in the dishwasher. So, washing them by hand can help you save from the utility bills.
  1. Get energy saving appliances – you might not know it, but there are appliances that only use a portion of the energy. Thus, when you’re buying appliances, it would be best for you to be vigilant and look for these properties.

If you want to live happily, while paying highly reduced utility bills, it would be best for you to take the tips above.


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