How to Safely Use a Credit Card Online


The use of credit cards for shopping online has become very popular these days. It is really a very convenient and comfortable way to get products and services sitting in the comfort of your own home and even making a payment. However, with cases of fraud and theft of credit card details on the rise, it is advisable to remain alert and adopt safety measures while shopping with a credit card online. You have to be cautious and follow certain credit card safety tips to make sure your online shopping does not turn into a nightmare.

You are responsible for the safety of your credit card details

Though it is tempting to buy online from a site when you are getting attractive discounts on a product that you have been looking for quite some time, it is advisable to make use of your credit card for payment only on websites that are reputable. Buy only from websites that you trust. Do not click on email links as they can take you to fake websites that are set up only to siphon off money from the credit cards of customers. Remember, your credit card safety is in your hands only. It is better to go to the website by typing the name on your browser.

Do not make online purchases from a public computer

This is a golden rule of shopping online that you must follow to avoid being duped. Public computers can be ridden with viruses and they are not secure in the same manner that you own computer is. There is a much higher chance of your credit card details getting stolen when you make an online purchase at a public place. If you are looking for your credit cards safety, never use it to buy a product or service from a computer at a public place.

Verify that the website is safe and secure before making payment

If there is an offer that seems to be irresistible, it is better to check the authenticity of the website before proceeding to make payment with your credit card. If you want to prevent fraud credit card, you must check the bona fides of the website with Better Business Bureau. This institution has a huge database of more than 4 million businesses and it can alert you if the website that you have decided to buy a product or service is authentic or not. You can conduct a security check yourself by looking the name of the URL in the browser. It should begin with ‘http’ and there should be a lock before this acronym against websites that are safe and secure.

Do not forget to take printouts of receipts of all your online purchases to match them with the entries in the monthly statement of the credit card that you receive from your bank.


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