How to Apply Credit Card

credit card

It is difficult to imagine yourself without a credit card these days. These cards have become very common and most people boast of not just one but several credit cards that they use for specific spending purposes. However, if you do not have a credit and applying for it, how you apply for a credit card  can have a great impact on the terms and conditions you get, your credit limit, and whether your application will be approved or not. With so much hinging upon your application, it is prudent to keep certain things in mind when applying for a credit card.

Set Things Right Before Applying

You cannot change your credit history when applying for a credit card. All banks and financial institutions give a hard look at the credit history before approving an application. However, there are certain things you must do to increase your chances of getting approved.

Every application of credit card gets included in your credit history. This means you must do your homework before applying and not apply for many credit cards at the same time. You may not know this but every credit card application that is rejected can lower your credit score by 5 points or so. If you have bad credit, banks issue secured credit cards for bad credit. This means you are asked to deposit money with them to be able to use their credit card. If you do not like the idea of a secure credit card, you must be prepared to get credit cards that carry a high rate of interest. This is because zero interest cards are meant for customers who are considered highly trustworthy by the banks.

Your Current Credit is More Important

For banks, your recent financial transactions are important when deciding on approval. If you can rectify your recent financial history by paying timely on your utility bills and other purchases and this is reflected on your bank statement, you are likely to get a credit card with favorable terms and conditions. Bad credit cards may not be that attractive but they give you a chance to shape up your credit history.

Find the Credit Card That Suits Your Lifestyle

If you are interested in credit cards with reward programs and those that give discounts on purchases at grocery stores and on dining in restaurants, you can take a look at such credit cards online and compare the features. There are also credit cards that give discounts on flying if you are a frequent flier. You must find the best credit card for travel. There are credit cards with no annual fee but they often slap hidden charges that must guard against.

You can also go for online credit cards after comparing the rates of interest, joining fees, and annual fees charged by the company.


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